Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hey, you! What Should I do/see/experience in DC?

So, I am looking for DC suggestions. 

There was that mention in a recent post that I am trying to get to know DC and.... well, I am trying to get to know DC. I have signed up for random classes and events, I stroll throughout the downtown on my lunch breaks, I am trying to eat somewhere new every time I eat out. Got a DC must? Send it to me. I have officially of added this nifty new section to my blog that you can see is aptly titled "DC Bucket List" where I will document the musts in town and my experience there.

This city is electric. It's constant motion, energy, and through all that, steeped in the slow paces of history. I hope I get a good taste of it before my adventures pull me to another city so, in the meantime, you guys need to help me make the most of it!

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